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Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Today seems like the perfect day to teach you how to fall in love. I’m no relationship guru, but I do know a thing or two about decorating and falling in love with your home. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes decorating can feel like failed relationships (sorry old living room rug, it’s not you, it’s me) but luckily, I can save you some heartbreak and $$$ with these tips. Let’s get on with our lesson.

Does your home decor bring you joy when you look at it? Is your home a reflection of who you are? If the answer is no, let me teach you how to love your home and the pieces in it. Now, before we get started, obviously there will be days where your home isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be and it seems to cause more stress than joy, but as a whole you should love the place you live. What’s so important about loving your home? Well, homes are places to build memories, raise families, entertain friends, and much more! Why not put our best foot forward to make our homes as precious and functional as possible, am I right?

Let me start with my home and the adventures that we’ve had. When I moved out of the home that I shared with the boyfriend, and into my own home, I was so excited for the clean slate but also overwhelmed/stressed/depressed. I rushed. I mean, I was ordering stuff before I was even in there. I never took the time to map out the layout or set forward plans for anything and that costed me a lot of time and money. I also got caught up in the world of “ordering what was cool on instagram” and, my friends, we really need to stop doing that.


This rug is a perfect example of falling into trends. Although I love the rug, I found myself trying really hard to love it in my space, and for the price tag, I definitely should have thought twice. I ended up spending a decent chunk of change on a replacement rug, but it brings me joy evert time I see it. Plus it’s an antique which adds an element of cool. Now, some of you would ask, “Wait, you don’t have this couch anymore either, right?”. Exactly. Another design mistake. What’s funny is, I absolutely love this couch and still gush over it (after all, it was custom and I waited 4 months for it) BUT it wasn’t right for the space because it dominated everything and left me with a seriously limited layout. Fast forward to a year later and the current state of my living room:


MUCH more my style.

How do you start making changes to love your home? Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to get you started:

DO: Take inspiration from magazines and online sources. The resources are at our disposal for a reason!

DON’T: Copy or mimic someone else’s work to the tee. Your home has YOU living in it, not whoever you stole the inspiration from. Plus, that person has put the time and effort into curating their home/design.

DO: Go thrifting! There’s no better way to add character into a home than incorporating something old with all the new. If thrifting isn’t your jam, find a way to repurpose an old piece you’ve inherited from friends or family.

DON’T: Overdo it. Again, we’re mixing old with new. Don’t start hoarding knickknacks from your local thrift shop; some stuff was donated for a reason, lol. Also, don’t feel obligated to take everything that someone tries to give you, even if it is family. Trust me, you’ll end up with a dated home with pieces that you don’t love.

DO: Mix high and low. Some pieces are worth splurging on (like sofas) and some things can be equally as gorgeous for a fraction of the price.

DON’T: Do too much from one place at one time. Perfect example where it’s hard to control this habit, Target. Target is one of our faves over here, but getting too much at one time (same collection) will leave your home looking like more of a catalog rather than a well thought out, curated space.

DO: Photograph your home often. Maybe you’re private and don’t want to share these photos, but you’d be surprised how much more pride you take in your space when you’re showing it to someone. Imagine, we are the company over your house. Do that 20 minute tidy, fluff your pillows, take a killer picture. Photographing will also be a fun journey to look back on your before, during, and afters.

DON’T: Get discouraged. Everything won’t come together in a day. We don’t expect your home to be suddenly perfect, but we do expect it to be a reflection of you.

DO: Ask for input from your trusted friends, or even a consultation with a designer. Ask any of us and we’ll tell ya, decorating your own home is the hardest. You don’t have to do it alone.

DON’T: Let other people’s opinions of your style take you away from something you love. At the end of the day, it’s your time, your money and your home. Ultimately it’s your choice.

What are your tips for loving your home? Share them in the comments below!