Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When I was first introduced to Brittany's design dilemma, I wondered how many couples struggle to find a balance between feminine and masculine decor in shared spaces. While they both had a thing for rustic, they were also looking for something more modern, and she wanted some pretty in there too.

So our journey began, through Havenly, which is an awesome e-design platform I've designed through for the last year or so (since September 2016 to be exact). She filled out her room profile and provided me with some before shots:

We knew we were keeping the bed, which was fine because it had a pretty shape and fit well in the space. After looking through her profile and chatting a bit, I gave her this concept:

When a client loves every single thing you proposed to them, it really takes a ton of weight off your shoulders. Sometimes (rarely!) the universe just aligns, and you get a client who you vibe with throughout the whole project. The only thing we talked about changing was the dresser; West Elm had a really great sale going on, and their dresser made much more of a statement than this one.

The next step in the Havenly design process is the fun part, the renderings! In this stage, we settled on black plantation shutters for the window treatments, with a light curtain layered in front. 

Again, we were in love with the way things turned out. The modern leather chair and the massive horn art above the bed was enough to satisfy the masculine part of the room. With pops of blush and some some metallics added in, we fulfilled the pretty aspect too. 

But wait, there's more!!

In some instances, a room turns out just as planned, and better than you imagined. Havenly was gracious enough to photograph the space and give me these sweet shots for my ever-growing portfolio. Feast your eyes ladies and gents (I think the pup approves too)!

Isn't it amazing how you can plan every aspect of your dream room, virtually? I think so. If this is something you're interested in, head on over to Havenly but don't forget to use code DEMREES for 25% off your design package!

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